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    The Tamil Nadu Public Works Department is as old as the British rule in India. It was in the year 1858 that India came directly under the British crown, after the First War of Independence in 1857, which was designed by the British historians as the Sepoy Mutiny. It was in the same year, namely, 1858, that the P.W.D. was formed, based on the recommendations of a Public Works Commission, appointed by the Court of Directors in England. Sir Arthur T.Cotton, of revered memory. More...

   Er. C.S. Kuppuraj, who retired as Chief Engineer of the PWD in 1982 and is now 89 and going strong, reminds me that he too is an engineer whose passion is recording history. He says that he’s disappointed that I had forgotten that he’s been w riting in serial form the 200-year-old story of the College of Engineering, Guindy, in the newsletter of the College’s Alumni Association, and the 150-year-old story of the Public Works Department in Mooththa Poriyaalar, the journal of the PWD Senior Engineers’ Association. More...

To establish a strong, forceful and dynamic organization to serve TNPWD Engineers, Society and Nation

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